From Voting to Crowning, an inside look on this year’s SHS Homecoming Court

Searcy(LP) Homecoming is right around the corner and everyone is getting their dresses and escorts picked! Homecoming is a tradition that takes place every year around fall time, where all the students get together, dress up, and enjoy the football game. The Searcy High Homecoming Assembly is an event that takes place in the auditorium, it’s an assembly that recognizes all the club sweethearts, royalties and the Homecoming Queen. It’s a lot to do to make the assembly and game perfect and coach Cramblett works all the magic to make it just right and get it done in time.

2018 Homecoming Court in front of SHS Courtyard

It takes someone who’s had experience with this in the past like coach Cramblett who stated, “I’ve been doing this for 20 years now.” She said, “It’s not easy doing it all yourself but its worth it to see everyone having a good time and seeing the girls have a chance to be on stage looking like princesses.” coach Cramblett works on both the assembly and the game and has a lot of preparations to do before time runs out.

Coach mentioned, “We first have to get all the votes in for sweethearts and royalties, have a meeting with them where they receive info sheets for the activities that will take place.” Betsey Bailey and coach Cramblett work to decorate the field for festivities that takes place during all the speeches. “All the speeches have to be typed for the game and the assembly, and the Wednesday before Homecoming I meet with everyone for the field festivities. Then on Thursday, the 28th at 5:30 is the queens reception, basically a dinner where all the sweethearts/royalties and their escorts have dinner. Lastly, the Friday of Homecoming is a practice in the Auditorium.” It seems like a very long process but as she  says ” it doesn’t seem long if you’re  having fun doing it.”

This year the Homecoming Queen is Sydney Hicks, the second ever black Homecoming Queen in Searcy High School with Judy Wilson being selected as the first Homecoming Queen. She was crowned  in 1974, which is 43 years ago. Sydney feels very privileged to be Homecoming Queen as she goes on to say, “it’s very humbling to know that my peers think high of me and I’m grateful that I get to experience this amazing journey.”

Homecoming Sweethearts/Royalties from 2011

She will be presented on stage last after all the sweethearts and royalties are acknowledged and will be crowned at the Homecoming Assembly. Sydney suggests to girls who wish to be Homecoming Queen in the future that, “I would tell them to have character throughout their high school years, basically stay true to yourself and treat people the way you want to be treated cause it will most definitely pay off.” Sydney Hicks is definitely going to be a name to remember this year as she starts off the year with a banging turn on the Homecoming Court. As for Homecoming itself, it will definitely be a year to remember.

Congratulations to this year’s SHS Homecoming Court Royalties: Sydney Hicks as the Homecoming Queen , Tae’ Leonard as Maid of Honor , AneElise Pitt as Senior Maid, Gracie James as Junior Maid, and Jalynn Barker as Sophomore Maid.


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