Clubs at SHS go to the White County Fair

Searcy (LP) More than two thousand people have gone to Arkansas’ largest fair. Among these people were groups from Searcy High School, the Future Farmers of America (FFA) and Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). Both groups went on the thirteenth.

Five members of FCCLA pose for a photo. Photo borrowed from Bailey Mills.

When Chloe Long was there for FCCLA, she judged the three ingredient challenge. In this challenge, the participants are given only three ingredients to make a snack. The ingredients were an ice cream cone, peanut butter, and chocolate. She learned a lot from going to the fair that day. She stated, “Fair day is an awesome way to gain leadership skills and character development through judging, competitive events, and teamwork skills.”

Chloe Long and other members of FCCLA pose for a selfie. Photo borrowed from Bailey Mills.

Sara Feather, senior at SHS, also went with FCCLA. “I did the FCCLA trivia quiz (and won) and spoke about national and state FCCLA events coming up.” She loved going to the fair with her fellow FCCLA members because she got to bond with them.

Another member of a club at SHS that went to the fair was Aisha Meza Garcia. She went with FFA’s show team. The members she went with were:Cory Pope, Karrisa Neal, Christina Cook, Devon Blackwell, Abella Maxwell, Emily Homeier, Carmen Oakes, Nick Vaughn, Chloe Cook, Jesse Huffman, Madelyn Hambrick, Jade Crossen, Megan Woodle, and the teacher Mr. Saffley. They showed goats and hogs. Aisha will be there from next Wednesday to next Saturday taking care of her goat and showing it. At the fair, Aisha expects to “learn to be more independent and learn how to be more responsible.”

Members of FFA showing their animals. Photo borrowed from Abella Maxwell.

The two groups learned a lot and had much fun at the fair playing games such as egg toss and tug of war, and participating in lots of competitions.  Lauren Ridings went with FFA and did a scavenger hunt and played other games with her friends Caleb Pearce, Harley Pearce, Emily Melton, and Haley Brahic. Reflecting on the trip, she states, “I learned more about the history of FCCLA and that even though FFA and FCCLA are two different groups, we came together through activities and competitions.”   People in these groups got to bond with their friends they don’t see often, their teachers and supervisers, and people from other groups.

The rodeo that FFA participated in. Photo borrowed from Abella Maxwell.

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