SHS took a wild turn on Spirit Week this year

Searcy, Ark., (LP) Homecoming is on the way but before that, all eyes on Spirit Week. ¬†Searcy High School is hosting yet another year of a fun week where all the students have different themes everyday of the week and have to dress accordingly. This year was our first year of Spirit Week with our new principal Mr. Hodges. Caitlin Amos(Junior) stated, “I like that the new principal allows hats and face paint.” Mr. Hodges gave the students an advantage this year, which they hadn’t had before with Mr. Smith being principal. When the students heard the news they were shocked and excited. Senior Jewell Duncan said, “I’m glad there was a change in the rules, at least I can enjoy something before I graduate this year.” Students are definitely in love with the new rule and for sure going to take advantage of that.

SHS freshman dressed up on Tuesday for Twin/Squad Day.

As for the themes of Spirit Week, a special group of students come up with the awesome days, the student counsel. Student Council comes up with these great ideas for spirit week, they combine all their ideas together and take a vote. As Mrs. Jones mentioned, “the top ideas that are voted go to the principal for approval then the themes are announced.” As soon as the principal approves the days, emails are sent out to all the teachers, which are then announced to the students.

This year’s Spirit Week consisted of ‘Merica Monday, Twin/Squad Tuesday, Mathletes vs. Athletes (Wednesday), Tacky Tourist Thursday, and last but not least, Dress to Impress (Friday).

Although there was a change in the themes, like there is every year; the two major themes stayed the same. ‘Merica Monday and Dress to Impress have always stuck to SHS’s spirit week agenda for years now. They both aren’t necessarily scheduled for Spirit Week every year, but they’ve stuck with the school on and off. Some students that don’t take part in spirit week aren’t affected by this pattern, but those heavily involved notice it and aren’t fond with it anymore.

Caitlin Amos and her best friend dressed up for Twin/Squad day.

Jewell Duncan stated, “I would really like to see a change in the first and last day of the week, because it seems to be the same themes every year and it’s getting boring.” Students would like to see a change in the days that are often repeated every year. Aside from the theme controversy, spirit week is still the students favorite week because “we get to dress up and express ourselves in fun and unique ways” says Caitlin.

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