Searcy High School Homecoming Week and Football Rivalry

Searcy, Ark., (LP) Homecoming is a special tradition at Searcy High School. Gorgeous dresses, corsages, and , most importantly , football are some aspects of Searcy homecoming. Football is the biggest joy when it comes to homecoming. Everyone is dressed to impress while they watch a good game. Although there isn’t a dance, the fun is still there. It’s a chance to get together with your classmates and bond. It’s the perfect night! 

Searcy Lions playing against Morrilton on Homecoming 2016

About every year, Searcy plays against West Memphis, their biggest rivalry. It all started in 2002 when Searcy moved up to West Memphis’ division, 5A. It looked like Searcy was a shoe in for the win, but West Memphis ending up taking the win which sparked major controversy that will continue on for fourteen years. For years Searcy and West Memphis have bucked heads over that fateful night. Because Searcy is one of the biggest highlights of Homecoming, the fans want their lions to do there absolute best and to dominate the other team. The bleachers are full of cow bells, Fatheads, and screaming fans. The student section is where the most excitement is. Every Friday night, the student section has a theme and everyone participates and dresses up for that theme. It could be western, white out, or superheros, but on homecoming night everyone dresses to impress.

Homecoming can be a stressful week. Running Back Gabe Chapman stated, “Sometimes it’s not all fun and games. Some tempers get hot and we might yell at each other every now and then, but there’s no reason to fight because that just loses our focus.” The boys have a unique bond with their teammates and their coaches. “I enjoy coming to practice and giving my all because I know everyone will too including my coaches”, said Gabe. The football senior moms do crafts for the boys. One mom will bake cookies, another will host a cookout, and some will make signs for the boys. The school does spirit week and everyday is something new. The students get a thrill out of it and even the teachers, office workers, nurses, counselors, and principals join in on the fun.

On Friday, the school has a Homecoming assembly where the club sweethearts and the royalty get recognized and the queen is crowned. The Lionsteppers and cheerleaders also preform for everyone attending. Late that night the student section and bleachers are full screams and cheers. “West Memphis has a really good team, but we’re working and practicing our hardest and we’ll take the win”, stated Searcy Quarterback Mason Shuckner. Mason has been awarded many awards and so have some fellow teammates which only improves our chances in winning. Searcy has an amazing team and has a record of 4-0. They’re practicing everyday and running drills. Before every game, Valley Baptist hosts a lunch for the players and coaches and then the players go back to the field house to prepare for the game.

Homecoming is the most important game of the season and Searcy is playing against their biggest rivalry. Fans come to support their favorite players and it’s a chance to have some fun and to support your community. Everyone is eager to watch the biggest game of the season and to watch the homecoming assembly. Mark your calendar for September 9th and come support your Searcy lions!

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