HocoProposals, smart or a waste?

Searcy, Ark.,(LP) Searcy’s Annual Football Homecoming is coming this Friday and Searcy could not be more excited! So much planning goes into our Homecoming, even without a dance we still have the banquet, the assembly and the football game. The banquet happens the night before and right before the rehearsal for the assembly, it honors the Queen mainly (obviously she IS the queen) and the maids with tables full of their favorite things and a dinner to end the evening. The Homecoming Assembly pretty much explains itself, all of the sweethearts and maids get called out and then the Queen is crowned. After the Queen is crowned the cheerleaders and dance team perform their dances and the assembly ends so the ladies and gentlemen can go get ready, eat and take pictures before the game.

Searcy gets very clever with their proposals

At the game all of the sweethearts are announced then the grand finale is Sophomore Maid Jaylyn Barker, Junior Maid Gracie James, Senior Maid Anelise Pitt, Maid of Honor Tae’ Leonard, and the Queen, Sydney Hicks walking on to the field to get crowned again. As the crowd goes crazy, they exit the field and the football team  runs on the field and starts with the kick off. The game is like a normal football game, with the halftime dances and the band marching. The royalty sits right off the field on the track, under a tent usually, and as the game goes they can wander around to see their family and friends or even yell a little in the student section.


Now the after part of homecoming is not how many homecomings usually go, instead of a dance we have absolutely nothing. “Wait, what’s the point in dressing up then?” I interviewed three people in SHS to see why and how they asked their friends or “couples” to homecoming. Conlie Mccoy (Junior)  asked Kareem Cooperwood (Junior), with a posters and some articles of Nike clothing, the poster said “We went last year so let’s just do it?”

She’s looking forward to round 2 at homecoming, and when asked about why she asked him when he will be playing she said, “He always makes me look good in pictures and I want to be filled with fun memories, which Kareem is full of.” Conlie thinks having a homecoming dance, “People would just take advantage of it.” Hailee Walls (Freshman) got asked by Chastin Reed (Sophomore) also with a poster that said “Star light, star bright. 1st stare I see tonight. I wish you may, I wish you might, be my date on Hoco night.” Hailee is excited to get to spend time with Chastin at the game, but she wishes there was a homecoming dance like at her old school. Connor Collins (senior) went a little all out for his Homecoming proposal, with a bear, and a poster that says “I couldn’t bear to go to Hoco without you, I promise,” and a promise ring for their one year. His plans for the night are escorting Madison that afternoon for Spanish Sweetheart and dinner before the game, he also wishes there was a homecoming dance. Hoping for a safe Homecoming and a win for the Searcy Lions.

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