Searcy students evaluate their confidence when considering college

Searcy, Ark., (LP) Many students do not feel that their particular high school prepares them for the stress and difficulty of college classes.  According to Fermin Leal’s article written in 2015 regarding the school years 2010-11 and 2014-15, more than 260 schools partnered with YouthTruth to compare juniors’ and seniors’ responses in a survey about college-readiness.  

Only 60% of students credited their schools with helping them develop the skills and knowledge needed to take on college courses.   In a survey at Searcy High school, senior students were asked 3 questions; do you plan on attending college? Do you feel prepared for college? How well has Searcy High helped prepare you for college?


SHS survey question regarding college readiness.

90% of students said that they do plan on going to college, but only 55% of them feel prepared to do so.  Senior student, Hayden Houck, plans on attending school 12 to 13 hours away.  “I think SHS has prepared me fairly well, but with the major that I want to get, it would be hard to prepare for here.”  Even though some students feel somewhat prepared for a higher education, “Fewer than half of high school students across the country feel they’re ready for college and careers…” (Leal, p.1)   Senior Daniel Cossitt hasn’t completely made up his mind about where he wishes to attend college, however he does want to go.  “I wouldn’t really say that Searcy High has really improved my college-readiness.”  Many students feel the same way, in fact, 20% of students at SHS said they are not ready to take on college.  On a scale from one to ten, only 5% of Searcy seniors said that Searcy has helped prepare them for a higher education; 30% ranked Searcy High School’s help at a seven.  Aubrey Kirsey, another senior at Searcy, isn’t scared to take on the process of leaving for school.  “By taking college classes here at SHS I have definitely been braced for college courses.”  Searcy High offers a numerous amount of college courses through ASU, however, the numbers in the survey show that Aubrey may be among only a handful of students that believe those courses are beneficial in the process of preparing for professional schooling.  Although many seniors are prepared to take on the fun and games of leaving home for the first time, others are considering their own readiness for the serious side of moving out and going to college.  The percentages show that not many seniors  are necessarily sure of themselves as far as school goes, however, the majority of students surveyed still plan on attending college.    

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