Fenty beauty brand launch impacts the beauty world successfully

Searcy, Ark., (LP) Ever since Fenty beauty launched on September seventh of this year,  it has been a success. Beauty bloggers, make-up moguls and just about anyone that has used Fenty products are satisfied. Rihanna Fenty created this makeup line to include everyone, girls and guys, and people of all races. She wants people to feel included. She wants for anyone to find the foundation that matches his/her skin and she definitely did that. People that normally don’t find their shade, like Albinos and very dark African Americans, have found their perfect match, which is so awesome! Fenty includes forty different shades of foundation. The foundation is based on how light or dark the person’s skin is, if he/she has cool or warm undertones, and matte or highlight. Matte foundation is typically for people that have very oily skin and need to reduce the shine. Highlighting foundation can give a glow to certain areas on the face, like the cheekbones and jawline. Many people prefer to put on the matte foundation all over the face and then put highlight on the areas they want to shine and attract attention to. There is also a certain type of highlighter that comes in different colors and  in the form of a stick that anyone of any skin tone can wear to highlight the best features on their face. Sydney Hicks, a Senior at SHS  that loves makeup, gives her opinion on this brand. She states “I used the Fenty highlighter. It came off so good and was very pigmented. I recommend it.” Other products of this brand include bright and neutral colors of lipstick for a bold or simple look, a few different shades of blush, and different products for the eyes.

Sydney Hicks’ Senior picture featuring her awesome makeup

This brand is so diverse, anyone can find the most perfect match and almost any makeup that he/she desires. Jewel Duncan has tried many makeup  brands, but she thinks Fenty beauty might be one of the best, according to how it is so diverse. Jewel states, “I think the brand is a staple for people of color and just everyone in general. I think it’s cool that a woman of color got to create her own brand and that is is a well known artist and influencer. All the products seem very well put together and prestige.” Jewel  hasn’t tried any product yet, but soon she wants to get foundation and the “Trophy Wife” highlighter.

Jewel Duncan poses for a selfie, showing off her makeup.
Picture borrowed from Jewel Duncan

Rihanna took a bold step in the right direction when she made this makeup brand. Thousands of people have found the best foundation for their skin, avoiding embarrassing mishaps like having a  lighter or darker face than body, or not enough coverage. The foundation is proven to last for a full day, it never creases or fades until it is left on longer  than it should. The makeup is always high quality, diverse, and not too expensive. Rihanna definitely made a change in the beauty world when she created Fenty beauty.

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