The SHS Band’s hard work paid off after their various awards

Searcy, Ark., (LP) — Searcy High School band recently participated for a competition called Showcase of the Bands where they go to War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock and perform against various different schools in a competition to see who’s the best. Bands from different schools all over the state, from every classification participate in the competition. Basically, Showcase of the Bands is an invitational marching band competition that celebrates music education through marching bands. The bands perform in different categories, and are also rewarded based on different categories. The event took place on October 7th at War Memorial Stadium, free of cost for guests coming to watch. On the other hand, the individual bands that participate in the contest have to pay an entry fee.

Before Searcy’s Band goes to compete at Showcase of the Bands, they have to go through many preparations to do their best for the big event. Senior Drum Major Victoria Brown stated, “we start the first day of school, we have to memorize the song, learn the drill and how to conduct the performance.” This year was Victoria’s fifth year of participating in the Showcase of the Bands and for her it’s the “best experience being able to perform in front of a huge crowd.”

Victoria and their friends holding their trophies for their performance.

It was very overwhelming for Victoria, so overwhelming that she stared crying because of the amount of people that were there. The marching band has to practice a little bit everyday until their big day. Mr. Luzzi is the band director for the marching band and directs the band on their performance. He said that the band practiced until October 2 which is 5 days before the Showcase of the Bands. They practice till the day of the event so it can be an unmistakable performance. Mr. Luzzi’s band has been participating for the Showcase of the Bands for 14 years now. He has high expectations for his students when it comes to the Showcase of the Bands. He feels that, “there is a place for everyone within the band and everybody can contribute in some way.”

The crowd at the War Memorial Stadium for Showcase of the Bands.

He wants his students to perform to the best of their ability everyday. The band offers a place where any and everyone can participate all the time. Mr. Luzzi thinks that, “when students do their best and have no regrets after a performance, I feel that they have accomplished a great deal for themselves and the organization.”

After all their hardwork the band put in for the Showcase of the Bands, they definitely got something in return. Congratulations to the band for earning first division rating overall with the flag line, drum majors, and percussion. The Flag line earned best in class color guard and best in class marching technique, so congrats to them for their incredible performance!

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