SHS Students Take on Bear Country


Photo from Kennedy Bell at the gym

Searcy, Ark., (LP) — Many seniors in Searcy are having to make the decision of what college to go to. There are so many schools in Arkansas and so little time to look at all of them, but the University of Central Arkansas is one many people in the class of ’18 are looking at. UCA hosts many campus tours and tries to engage as many high school students to their campus as possible. University of Central Arkansas hosted a college tour, called Bear facts this past weekend (October 13-15) to give students a look at what they will be doing in UCA in their preferred majors. Bear Facts Day is a great opportunity for high school seniors and transfer students to get a glimpse of the University of Central Arkansas.  The day begins with registration and a chance to meet student leaders from our registered student organizations, followed by informational sessions on academic programs.  Next, you get the chance to visit one-on-one with our financial aid and student accounts staff, transfer advisors, the Honors College, and more!  The day concludes with campus and housing tours to showcase our beautiful campus and facilities.

There are only three Bear Fact Days a year, meaning that students need to jump on this opportunity as quick as possible. Seniors Kortni VanWinkle and Emily Housely both got a chance to go to Bear Facts this weekend and they told about their visit. Kortni has already been accepted to the University of Central Arkansas, but she has only been on the campus a few times, so she thought Bear Facts would help her see what college life is all about. Walking in to it, she had no idea it was going to be that crammed and busy, “It was almost, like knocking the breath out of me.” After meeting with her major, walking through the hundreds of people in one single hallway, and stealing a few of the muffins at the front desk, she thought she might just need a break before the Administrator for Undergraduates started speaking. So she went with Emily Housely to get some air. At the end of the day, Kortni actually enjoyed herself at the University of Central Arkansas and can not wait until she starts her first year there in the fall of 2018. Kennedy Bell also visited Bear Facts Day but without an intent on going there at all. Kennedy has just been trying to find her feel in colleges, by visiting various different ones. When walking into Bear Facts, she was also really surprised by the amount of people there.

University of Central Arkansas hosts Bear Facts Day 3 times a year

She was definitely overwhelmed but she just found her seat in the basketball gym and stayed there while everyone started to slowly fill the bleachers. Kennedy definitely did not find many interests in the University of Central Arkansas and does not plan on attending the following school year, but she did think the whole plan of Bear Facts was a good set up. The University of Central Arkansas will be having 2 more Bear Facts Day, hoping some of Searcy’s future bears get a chance to check it out!

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