Local Shelter Provides a Safe Environment for Women of Domestic Violence

Inside a thrift shop called Hope Restored

Searcy, Ark., (LP) — Domestic violence is one of most oppressing issues in the world today. Every 98 seconds, someone in the U.S is sexually assaulted. This means over 570 people are assaulted everyday in this country. Another alarming statistic is that 99% of perpetrators of sexual violence will walk free. Nearly 60 percent of women experience abuse in a relationship. Most of them stay in the relationship for reasons such as: financial issues, children, and the hope of working things out. Roughly 30 percent out of the 60 percent are killed by their partner. There are numerous amounts of clubs, organizations, and houses that help deal with the victims.

In Searcy, Arkansas there is an organization and house called Hope Cottage. It’s a shelter for domestic abuse victims that help them get away from their attackers and get them on their feet to start a new healthy life. It welcomes anyone who goes through an abusive relationship. This shelter is a safe and clean environment that offers educational programs, therapy sessions, safety planning, and support groups. It gives comfort to the victims and provides a nice, safe, and clean home atmosphere. It’s family friendly and takes in any child. Mary Broadway is the crime against woman investigator for the Searcy Police Department. She’s part of the first Crimes Against Women Unit in White County. Mrs. Broadway has “learned some major life lessons” while doing her job. She deals with cases everyday involving children and women of sexual assault. She also stated that being a mom has helped her tremendously in this field of work. After 12 years, she moved to another department. When asked why she left after so long, Broadway stated, “working so many years with domestic violence, children’s deaths, and sexual abuse starts to wear on you and I needed to find myself balance.” 

Located in Searcy, Arkansas is a thrift shop called Hope Restored. It is part of the shelter Hope Cottage, and over 75% of the income supports the shelter. Anyone can come in with items on their wish list such as: diapers, make up, pasta, deodorant, toothpaste, hair products, bath products, toys, and any type of clothing. The thrift shop has items like jeweled necklaces, shoes, countless items of unique clothing, and home-good items . It’s a wonderful opportunity that will help the community of Searcy and also helps supporting a wonderful cause.

The percentages and statistics are unbelievably horrific and it’s up to the world to put a stop to the high numbers. It’s always important to remember your worth and to stay strong through any situations. Everyone should always be aware of their surroundings, male or female. If you or anyone you know is in a battered relationship and needs that hope, visit www.hopecottage.info/ or call the domestic abuse hotline 800.656.HOPE.

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