Red and Black Forever

Searcy Seniors decked out!

Searcy, Ark., (LP) — Football season for Searcy is coming to an end, which means that Senior Night has approached. The Lions are taking this hard, Class of ’18’s last hurrah was this past Thursday, November 2nd. Senior year goes by so fast, and the boys will take this last season with them for their whole life. I got a chance to talk to Ethan Whitworth and Rainey Joyner, who have both been playing football for Searcy Lions since 7th grade to see what their thoughts are about their last game on the Lion Stadium. Ethan talked mainly about the relationship and “camaraderie” he has with his team mates, playing for 6 years with the same guys, explains what he feels even without him explaining. His advice for the juniors, upcoming seniors, was “Soak up every minute of it, give everything you have because one day you will notbe able to anymore.” Cue the heart break shatter, am I right ladies? When Ethan hears the words “Searcy Lion Football” he immediately thinks of the best memories he has, and the friendships he will not ever forget. Football for most boys is a way to get away, and just focus on one thing. Many boys use it as an anger outage or even as peace, tackling someone is not the only thrill from football, the memories are the most significant parts. Many seniors will not be playing football for teams after this season is over, “I’m going to miss the game so much,” Rainey says, “everything football has done for me mentally and physically will for sure be missed.”


Searcy Family

Both of the boys wish the upcoming seniors the best of luck next season, hoping for just as much success, and to not take the season for granted because it will be gone in the blink of an eye. Searcy Lion Football means family to both of the boys, “the guys are my brothers, and my family.” Rainey states, “What I will miss the most about it, is being with my brothers everyday. We will always have each other’s backs and would do anything for each other.” Searcy is seen as one huge family to many people, and the bond the football boys have for each other is seen every Friday night, well Thursday night for this last game. Wish the best of luck as the boys take on Lake Hamilton High School this Friday, November 10, for their first playoff game.

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