Searcy Sunshine School enjoys some spooky fun and their Principal goes out with a boom!

A sign at the Sunshine School Halloween Carnival.

  Searcy, Ark., LP — On October 24, the Sunshine school celebrated their annual Halloween carnival.  

While the party has been held at the Carmichael center in the past, this year it was located at Southwest Middle School.  Teacher aide, Michelle Conrad, has been involved with the event for nearly fourteen years.  Though she hasn’t been able to make it to the carnival every time, she said that she has enjoyed the years she was able to go.  At the party, there were many students, teachers, and parents playing games, socializing, and delighting in the diverse costumes around them.  

Julie Bridges (left) and Michelle Conrad (right) having a blast at the party.

This year, Michelle represented the characters from Charlotte’s Webb, and her friend Julie won first place with the best costume of the staff as a crazy cat lady.  Ms. Dunn, the Sunshine School’s principle of 35 years, dressed as a firework to represent her soon to be retirement and to “go out with a boom.”  After having taught for seven years prior to becoming the executive director for the Sunshine school, Ms. Dunn will have served for a long but productive time.  

The Sunshine School’s principal, Ms. Dunn, “going out with a boom!”

Lisa Burnett, in her article about Ms. Dunn and the School, provided a valuable insight as to what Ms. Dunn believes is the school’s legacy.  Ms. Dunn stated that she believes the school is a place for good change every single day.  “Even though everyone’s job [here] is demanding and stressful, all of those jobs make a difference.”  

Though getting ready to officially depart from the school, she will not go without her students and staff remembering her for her dedication and hard work in providing the school with the necessary tools for success.  Speaking for most, Charity Morris stated that Ms. Dunn will be greatly missed.  “I am happy she is getting to retire with many wonderful years of serving this school behind her.  She has made a huge impact in our community and in the hearts of our students.  She will be missed but she deserves a wonderful retirement.”  Ms. Dunn will leave behind a school that has come extremely far in comparison to where it was when she first began her career as a principal.  “There were 30 students here when I started, and now we have 70.”  Besides the amount of students and staff, progress has been obtained in all areas under the direction of Ms. Dunn.  It is with great honor and privilege that so many kids have had the opportunity to learn and mature in her school.  May she have a restful, stress-free, and well-deserved retirement.   

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