Searcy residents participate in The Well Done Run to serve a great cause.

Searcy, Ark., (LP) — Searcy residents came together for a local 5k, The Well Done Run which serves as a great cause for countries around the world. The run isn’t like a normal 5k that tests how fast you run, this special marathon is a reminder of the people in the world that go through so much just to get clean water. 1 in 9 people don’t have access to clean water, and it takes women without clean water about 6 hours everyday to collect water for their families. The Well Done Run gives residents of Searcy a feel of the struggle and hardships people go through.

Anyone of any age can participate in the Well Done Run by paying a fee of 30 dollars for adults 18 and older and 15 dollars for kids under 18. The Fellowship Bible Church has been hosting this run for five years now, says Caitlyn Waldrup, a participant. She and many other local residents participated in the Well Done Run to “give to the people that struggle to get clean water.” Each year they held the run, “they installed wells in countries around the world.” All the money participants pay for entry goes towards building wells.

The Well Done Run located at the Lion Stadium.

Participants of the race had to run the race with a jug of water. Caitlyn stated, “adults over the age of 18 carry a 1 gallon jug of water and kids under 18 carry a half gallon jug.” All participants run about 3 miles, keeping in mind that the race doesn’t test how fast you run. The racers start off with an empty gallon on the finish line. When they start running up until the halfway mark, they fill their jugs with water from the Gin Creek. After filling up the jug the participants run to the finish line and dump the water back into the creek. When the racers are done racing they get a drink of clean water.

The path of the run is laid out with “many different facts and statistics about clean water,” says Caitlyn. After running and reading the information she was “informed” and “gained more knowledge” that she didn’t know before. The Well Done Run raises money to invest in their Water Project, which helps provide wells in countries in need of clean water. The money they raised this year from the race will go into building and installing a well in Burkina Faso, Africa. The Well Done Run had a successful 272 participant run this year. With a great cause, this race is definitely one to consider in the future.

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