SHS students get vocal, performing the play “Schoolhouse Rock LIVE: Jr.”

       Searcy, Ark., LP — On November ninth and eleventh, the Searcy High School performed the play, “Schoolhouse Rock LIVE: Junior edition.”  In order to prepare for the performance, Searcy student actors and actresses worked hard by practicing nearly every day after school.  Bailey Baker, the senior actress that played George, described how preparation wasn’t too difficult; they just had to memorize lines and remember steps.  “The hardest part was knowing where we were in this musical in particular, because it’s mostly just songs and hardly any dialogue.”  Baker performed “Three is a Magic Number,” and “Just a Bill.”

An up-close image of some of the cast during the production: Abby Feather in the orange dress to the left, and Bailey Baker in the white shirt to the right.

     Abby Feather, another senior actress, played the character Dori and sang “A Noun is a Person, Place or Thing”,” “Preamble,” part of “Great American Melting Pot,” and “Elbow Room.”  Feather stated that being apart of the cast was a great experience.  “I made a lot of new friends who I instantly became best friends with.”    

     The other songs that were performed were, “Unpack your Adjectives,” “Do the Circulation,” “Conjunction Junction,” “Interplanet Janet,” and “Interjections.”  Bailey stated that of the songs sang, there were a few that were missing, because Searcy High performed the Junior version.  She said that the junior version was cheaper than the full, which is the main reason why they chose to perform it.  

       According to the drama director, Mrs. Taylor, the production was also performed ten years ago in 2007.  She said that overall, it takes quite a bit of time to organize the crews and cast so that they stay on track and get everything completed in time.  Musicals are generally expensive, however, Mrs. Taylor stated that this one was neither the most expensive nor the least expensive out of the shows they have put on.  Though not as expensive or as big as the full version of “Schoolhouse Rock,” the junior edition was just as entertaining.  Mrs. Taylor’s favorite part was during one of Bailey’s solos.  “I really enjoyed when Abby raps alongside Bailey in ‘Three is a Magic Number.’”

Some of the cast and crew along with Mrs. Neiderbrach on the SHS PAC stage where the play was performed.

       Following this play, the next performances will not be musicals but will be just as fun.  Mrs. Taylor reinforced that fact by describing the next plays coming up.  “The Seussification of a Midsummer Night’s Dream will be our spring play, and Jungle Book will be our fall play.”  If you missed “School House Rock LIVE: Jr.,” don’t be discouraged, because you can always go see the productions coming up! 

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