How German Shepherds Help the City of Searcy

Searcy County AR Sheriff K-9 Team.

Searcy, Ark., (LP) — German Shepherds possess several important traits that are crucial to everyday life. They evolved from early herding dogs who helped shepherds with their flocks. While the German Shepherd dog became such an important member of the German military, people started becoming more aware of their intelligence.

Now the breed is part of the police department due to its high intelligence rate compared to any other breed. They are taught to hunt, catch drugs, and neat tricks, only for treats though. One word to describe a German Shepherd is unique. “Our drug dog, Roscoe, is one of the most crazy, wackiest dogs I have ever owned, but he gets the job done in a professional manner and exceeded everyone’s expectations,” stated Lieutenant Todd Wells. According to the book, German Shepherds for Dummies, written by Dr. Caroline Coile, German Shepherds carry characteristics like being loyal, intelligent, obedient, courageous, curious, alert, watchful, and confident.

Like every police department, the Searcy Police Department has a drug K-9 task force. The german shepherds go through intense training in order to be successful. When the dog locates a drug, it will signal the find with a passive alert- an unassisted sit position. They are able to detect drugs located in buildings, vehicles, luggage, and cargo. Searcy High School recently had two drug dogs searched the halls and the parking lots, and the dogs detected several hits. After a long, hard day at work, the dogs sit at home with their owners and rest while being fed their favorite foods.

Drug dogs are trained to do more than just find drugs. They are also taught to defend their owners and protect them. “German Shepherds live to protect their owners. They have a natural protective instinct. Although without proper training and socialization, the dog can become angry to anyone outside of the family,” stated Dr. Caroline Coile.

German Shepherds have strong relationships with their families. They protect and care for them. “Having three german shepherds, Daisy, Roscoe, and Fluffy, definitely puts my mind at ease. I know they will take care of my home and my daughter when I’m not there. I never go to bed with the thought of someone breaking in. They would never get past those knuckle heads,” said Todd Wells.

This dog breed has many accomplishments. They are well known for their bravery, determination, and impressive skills. The German Shepherd breed will always be known as the ultimate dog. So do yourself a favor and adopt a cute german shepherd puppy at a local puppy farm or the Searcy Humane Society!

K-9 Dog Roscoe during his weekly training.

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