SHS working students having a hard time managing schoolwork.

Searcy, Ark., (LP) —  Searcy High School students experience what it’s like to be in the real world as they pursue their high school education and experience having a job at the same time. Many students in SHS have a job while being at school. With many advantages comes consequences and hard times. Students have jobs starting in the 9th grade whether it’s mowing lawns for neighbors or working at Wal-Mart. Kids have busy schedules every day of the week while still going to school. Some high school students tend to drop out because they feel like school isn’t as important and that their going to be doing the same job after high school. Jobs like pipelining and welding don’t require you to finish high school or have a high education, they have on the job training where they show you and give you information on what to do and your in for the job. Students like Jewell Duncan whose a senior thinks, “students shouldn’t give up education for a job, especially if their in high school because they might end up quitting that job and would have missed out on that education they could have received which to me is very important whether your working after school or not.”

Tacos 4 Life front counter.

Although there are only a few students who drop out, others that are still in school have a hard time but still love what their doing.

Being able to manage schoolwork and going to work on a regular basis is very productive task and can be challenging, especially for high school students like Patience Crow who is a senior and works at Colton’s has a rough time managing both a job and schoolwork. She said, “as soon as I get home from school I have to go straight to work with no time to do any homework.” She has trouble sometimes catching up with schoolwork because she is working and doesn’t get off till 9 or 10. Even though it’s hard for her she “loves being able to take on the challenge and progressing my skills of adulthood.” Jewell works at Tacos 4 Life which recently opened in Searcy. Ever since it first opened it’s been packed everyday and with workers getting fired and many customers coming in to eat she has been working extra hours.

Colton’s Restaurant located in Searcy, Arkansas.

She said, “I have to work other peoples shifts which I don’t mind because I’m getting paid but I still have been slacking on school work since I get home so late I don’t have the time or energy to do any of it.” Although many students love the thrill of doing two things at once, there always going to be rough ends.


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