Quattlebaum Music Shop’s New Mural Design is Sure to Please the Town of Searcy

Searcy, Ark., (LP) — Quattlebaum Music Shop has been in Searcy for more than 45 years, selling instruments, pieces and giving lessons to anyone willing to learn. The music shop isn’t affiliated with another company nor do they have any other branch which is what makes them unique. Quattlebaum doesn’t sell anything online because they believe in personal one-on-one service plus they encourage the support of the shop and music education. Many students from the town and Searcy High School go to the Quattlebaum Shop for music lessons and that’s where they grew up learning music from. It’s an environment that welcomes everyone and encourages people to try new instruments. Recently the music shop announced they were painting a mural on the side of their building reflecting the music life.

A draft of what the Mural or the Quattlebaum Music Shop will look like.

Many artists submitted concepts of painting for the Quattlebaum Music Shop and whosoever was the best was awarded with getting to paint the building.

The Think Art Project chose Tara Peacock to paint and present the mural starting this year. Tara is a Senior Designer and Account Executive at the Think Idea Studio and has been working there since 2012. She got a Bachelor’s from Science in Graphic Design, which is her passion along with typography. Tara chose to design the Quattlebaum Music Shop because music is a “big part of my family.” In order to have the art design finalized, it has to go through the committees in Searcy and they have to approve it for the project to be started. That goes for all the projects that the Think Idea Studio proposes.

The Think Art Project Company are the ones behind the art going on the Quattlebaum Music Shop. Tara’s design corresponds with what the building actually is, a music shop. They are a company well known to Searcy for their community projects. They have been improving and creating many new things in Searcy that brings the society together and creates a fun environment for the kids and families. The submission for the mural painting features a variety of lyrics from songs written from artists native to Arkansas. Tara felt confident and enthusiastic in doing this project because she feels that, “the painting is going to be a great photo feature for couples and families.”

The Quattlebaum Music Shop has been a part of Searcy for quite some time now and many people grew fond of it’s great hospitality. Quattlebaum’s music instructor Marley Morrison is “always glad to help anyone.” With the new mural painting, Quattlebaum Music Shop will definitely be a star feature for the town of Searcy and proudly has it’s door open for any and everyone.

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