Searcy Public Schools Sports Medicine Program

Searcy, Ark., (LP) — Searcy High School is well known for its outstanding achievements in sports such as: football, baseball and softball, soccer, and even wrestling. Hundreds of fans come out to every game dressed to impress to the theme of that game. Sometimes players get hurt or need some stretches to do to get a cramp out. When that happens, Searcy High School’s sports medicine program is there for the rescue. The sports medicine program trains students on what to do in a certain situation. They deal with tremendous pressure, raging coaches, and a roaring audience wanting answers. You would need specific skills in order to get the job done right.

Students from Searcy and from Harding University join the program. “I would watch them on the sidelines year after year and for my senior year I wanted to try something new,” said Kathleen Formel, known as “Kat.” Kat has always been interested in medicine and also enjoys helping others. She gets a thrill out of being on the field. While she’s helping out the players, she usually knows them and tries to calm them down. “I know I would be freaking out and wanting someone I knew talking to me if I was in pain,” Kat stated.

The man behind the magic is the leader of the program, Cory Weir. He’s what keeps everything calm and teaches everyone what they need to know. “There’s a lot of stuff you gotta do. You gotta start a relationship with your students. All of my students call me by my first name, that’s how I like it,” says Cory. Right when a player gets hurt or needs a stretch, he’s right there. He’s always prepared. He loves his job and everything he does. “I try to teach my students as much as possible before the program is up and they’re out there on their own,” stated Cory.

Searcy gives numerous opportunities to get involved in the school district or even the city. Searcy offers over 20 clubs and organizations, not counting sports or extracurricular classes, that involve community service as well. Searcy Sports Medicine Program teaches the students how to remain calm during a situation, how to handle others around, and treating whoever is in the situation. It also gets the students out of their “bubble” and have them try something new for a good cause. Check out to get some information on the latest sporting events and come watch your local sports medicine program!

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