SHS soccer faces new challenges of being placed in a new Conference

Searcy, Ark., (LP) — The game of soccer is a widely loved sport that is played all over the world, from the streets to the wide open fields you can find people playing soccer. This sport is not only a very diverse sport with several ethnicities, but it is a sport of unity. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world due to its wide variety of races and culture backgrounds.

Emalee Bryant and Emily Teed in practice. Courtesy of Google Images.

Searcy has had great success with its soccer teams. The Searcy girls have been to the final round of the state tournament several times in the past years. The boys and girls soccer teams have both recently started their preparation for the upcoming season. With both boys and girls soccer gearing up. Josiah Mora says,  “I feel pretty good about the team this year and I feel that we will do better than last year, we might not go all the way but I wasn’t on the team last year but this year I plan to do all that I can this year.”  The Boys have been doing alot of extra conditioning in preparation for the upcoming season. “The team is performing very well together so far as we come up on our season, I feel like we will shine this year.” The team lost some of it’s seniors last year and they are currently working hard to fill the empty slots.

Searcy Lions Soccer/Football Field Courtesy of Google Images.

The girls team is also working extra hard as they lost eight seniors last year which is the majority of their starting lineup. Emily Teed says, “We have a new trainer and she comes three days a week. She works us pretty hard and is doing a good job at getting us prepared physically for the upcoming season.” The girls have very high expectations to live up to that were set by last years senior group. The girls are all close and have a history of playing together, “We have played together on travel teams and are performing really well together so far this year.” Most of the girls have played together for many years outside of the school’s team and know how each other thinks and what they feel during the game. This is a major positive for the girls. The team has moved down in conference which brings them new opponents that they have not yet seen. Teed explains how she feels about the new conference,  “We are excited about the new conference and the new challenges that it will bring with it.”


The girls and boys alike seem very positive and excited about the upcoming year and all the new challenges that will come with it. Searcy looks forward to coming and seeing the two teams go at it, and can’t wait to see what this year will hold.

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