Lion TV wins $10,000 at convention

Lion TV took home two $5,000 checks as winners at the STN Convention that wrapped up March 24 in Dallas. The team won the awards in a contest sponsored by U.S. Education TV.

“We are elated,” Jacki Romey, Lion TV adviser said. “This will make live production a reality for us now. Graduation, sports events, concerts can now be produced by the students.”

U.S. Education TV signed up the school last year after the group became a sponsor of Student Television Network. Lion TV has its own channel on the website and posts video there.

“We love how great the video looks and the app they just released is awesome,” Romey said. “We can’t wait to get some live events on there.”

Romey and her student spent last week at the convention along with 1900 other students and teachers. The conference included video contests and sessions taught by professionals in the field. Martin Savidge of CNN was the keynote speaker.


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