Teachers remember trauma of 10 years ago

As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approached, teachers were asked to reflect upon their personal experience the day tragedy struck NYC.

For most, teachers were having class like any other day, when the unimaginable occurred.

“There wasn’t much teaching going on that day,” Robert Mayes, math teacher, said.

A matter of history in the making was taking hold of everyone as they watched the towers fall, and the recaps fill televisions across the nation.

“For a while, we thought we were at war,” Steve Snow, an English teacher reflected. ¬†Emotions were wild for students and teachers alike, especially for those in more populated areas like ¬†Dallas where Snow was at the time.

“This was something we would not just stand aside and let happen to America,” said Carol Daves, school registrar.

To many of the teachers, especially Steve Snow, they felt like, “it was a time that brought America, back to what we normally were many years ago, especially after situations like Pearl Harbor.”

Mayes believes, “It’s a point in time, that needs to be remembered…or it provides for complacency to creep in, and history will repeat itself.”

Remembering 9/11 means recognizing the people who died, the men and women who sacrificed themselves to rescue the lost, and the sense of unity it gave to Americans, during a dark time ever present.


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