Seniors rewarded for literacy scores

Last year the Junior Class were challenged, as they are every year, to out-do the previous Junior class on the Literacy Exam that is given towards the end of the school year.  The students from the year before had not done as well as they could have, and as a result the stakes were higher for this next group of Juniors.  The school itself could have gone into a sort of school “remediation” that would have effected every student in the school, if the Juniors did just as bad or worse as the previous score.  No one expected the news that we received a few weeks after the exam.

The Juniors had blown the previous years score out of the water and had gotten one of the highest scores in the whole state of Arkansas!  All of the English teachers had already decided on rewarding the class if something of this sorts occurred, so after this news was received the teachers immediately started to toss around ideas for what to do for the Juniors.  Many ideas were considered and passed on to the administration, but as a result of legal issues and other hindrances they were all thrown out.

The struggle to get a reward for the Juniors has been headed by the head of the English Department Dr. Miles Watson.  He has been struggling to find a prize that is suitable for the Seniors, but that is still lawfully alright and that does not conflict with already existing events coming up.  After weeks of exhaustive attempts, a reward has finally been agreed to and accepted by everyone.

It has finally been decided that the Seniors will be rewarded with a Senior breakfast on the morning of Homecoming in the Cafeteria at 7:30.  The teachers and students are hoping that they will all be able to do this breakfast from 7:30 until the end of first period, but this detail has not been set in stone yet.  All of the Seniors are excited about this delicious reward, and word has already spread through out the entire school about the fantastic reward.  It will cost the Seniors nothing and there will be a smorgasbord of food there for everyone to choose from.

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