Flagline adds color, excitement to band

Searcy High School’s band features the flagline in the its marching show every year. ¬†Even though some people may think that flag line is an easy job, it’s actually quite difficult. ¬†Many factors go into making a flag routine and making that routine work with the band’s marching.

The flag line is working toward specific goals.

“(We work)to do our best and to get everybody new learning how to do everything,” Shelby Garriott, junior said.

Garriot said the older flag line members always help the newer ninth grade flag line members as well as help each other.

They always have practice separate from the band to help them better their routines.

“We usually practice every Wednesday till five after school,” Garriott said.

The flag line relies heavily on the leadership of the flag captains as well as the leadership of the seniors.

“I think everybody’s enjoying it and everybody’s having fun doing it,” Garrett added.

So whether you come to a game, a marching competition, or one of the band’s Thursday night rehearsals, come and enjoy the vibrant colors and inspiring energy of the Searcy Flagline.


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